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Elevate Your Production: Professional Color Grading for Captivating Visuals

A great color grade can elevate ordinary footage into a visually stunning piece. We manipulate colors and contrast to create a harmonious palette, emphasize what matters, and ensure the look of your film enhances your overall message. The look of your footage holds immense power over the viewer’s experience, so let’s make sure your visuals aren’t just seen, but felt.

Color Grading Services: Start To Finish

Any job will run through three primary steps: Look Development, Color Grading and Correction, and Delivery.

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Look Development

Look development is the foundation of a great color grade. It’s what ties everything together and imparts a creative touch to your footage.

We aim to develop a unique look that reflects your creative vision and elevates your project. By manipulating colors and contrast, we create a harmonious palette that emphasizes what matters and ensures the look of your film enhances your overall message. Our goal is to help you create captivating visuals that truly resonate with your audience.

Color Grading and Correction

Color grading is the detail-oriented process of applying your distinctive look across your video footage. It’s a complex yet necessary stage in film and video production, bridging the gap between raw shots and polished final products.

Consistency in color grading is what sets professional footage apart. Consistent grading ensures a steady, unified visual language that makes your footage appear seamless and coherent, despite being composed of different shots or scenes. This continuity and attention to detail helps to elevate your production value, and keep your audience immersed.


Understanding that your final viewing requirements may vary, we can tailor the color grading process to adhere to any specific color space requirements you need for your footage.

Whether it’s for cinematic projection, television broadcast, or web streaming, each platform has unique color space standards that can impact the way your footage is perceived. We ensure that your visual content maintains its aesthetic integrity and delivers the intended viewing experience, regardless of the platform it will be showcased on.


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About RK Color

RK Color is a small color grading company dedicated to color grading your footage to get the best possible image for your video production. We offer professional color grading services remote to anyone in the world 

Color correction and color grading can add plenty of value to your post-production process and aid your team in fully conveying your creative ideas the way you intend. I can help your project with several years of experience in feature films, music videos, tv shows, and more.

Whether you are an indie filmmaker or a full scale production company, I’d love to chat about what you’re looking for from a colorist and see if we can make something together.

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Caviar | 2023 Feature Film Colorist Director: Jacob Michael KingProduced By: Jais SardoCinematographer: Caleb SmileyFirst AC: D. Edward LemminkColor: Riley KrutzaCaviar: Bizarre Political Satire Horror Caviar is a political satire, found footage style horror movie...

Top Vegan

Top Vegan

Top Vegan | Reality TV Cooking Show Colorist Director: Logan SolanaDP: Jack MillerProducer/Host: Chad GoodwinAD: Max KaplanAdditional ADs: Patrick Phillips, Chanse McDuffieAssociate Producer: Savannah WebbnProduction Assistants: Hayden Parsons, LaCrista SolanaHair and...

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