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About RK Color

RK Color is a small color grading company with a passion for crafting and color grading your footage get the best possible image for your video production.

Color correction and color grading can add plenty of value to your post-production process and aid your team in fully conveying your creative ideas the way you intend. I can help your project with several years of experience in feature films, music videos, tv shows, and more.

Whether you are an indie filmmaker or a full scale production company, I’d love to chat about what you’re looking for from a colorist and see if we can make something together.

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Importance and Benefits of Color Grading Your Footage

Color grading is the essential step in the process that enhances the storytelling and polishes your project. 

It increases your production value through a consistent look, and ensures your footage is balanced and color corrected. Nothing should look out of place that otherwise distracts your viewer from the film.

It also enhances your storytelling. A good look brings together your set design, cinematography, and message to make sure all the hard work done in pre-production is carried out to it’s fullest.

Stills From Dealey Plaza

My Color Grading Philosophy

The foundation of my color grading philosophy is that a good image requires depth. Exposure and color contrast are used to shape an image and lend it that sense of depth. From there, you can begin to design a look that conveys the look and feel you’re searching for. We develop an initial look and refine from there by working with you to design the look you see in your mind. Color correction isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, so each look is created based on your input and feedback through an initial onboarding session and multiple revisions before settling on a look you are happy with.

My goal is to work with the director, cinematographer, and anyone else in the crew to color your footage as a seamless addition to the post-production process. Understanding how and why the image was shot the way it was is key to getting the most from any shot, and ensure the final product is the best looking footage it can be.

If you’re interested in going deeper down the rabbit hole that is color grading, feel free to explore some of my writing on working as a film colorist, and my personal color grading workflows.

Stills from Top Vegan
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What To Expect Working With A Color Grading Company

Before getting into any footage, we’ll first discuss creative intent and look development. A good look is the foundation of your color grade and getting it right will help everything else fall into place.

Look development is the key part of the process, the foundation we’ll build on to help tell your story. 

We’ll spend time gathering inspirational material, looking over your footage, and refining a global look. This global look is what ties your piece together and elevates your production value with a more tangible consistency. 

Once we’ve got a look nailed down, it’s off to the races coloring your footage and making revisions until you’ve got what you want. 

Once finalized, you can get your project delivered in whatever file type or color space you need. Whether you need a standard master for internet viewing, or a DCI-P3 master for a theatrical screening, we can make sure your footage is delivered how your end viewing display needs it.

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Start Coloring Your Next Project

Working on a project you need color graded? Let’s chat! 

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