PAIN | Impak | Shooting A Music Video in 24h

Video Colorist, Full Video Production

Talent: Impak
Video Production: Heatseeker Digital
Music Production: Jug
Color: Riley Krutza

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Pain looping gif
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Impak holding camera, how to shoot a music video
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Impak pain video production
Impak pain

Behind The Scenes

behind the scenes
behind the scenes
behind the scenes
behind the scenes

How To Shoot and Release a Music Video in 24 Hours

On June Friday 25th, Impak dropped his studio album PAK ZOMBIEE. That evening, myself, Impak, and Jug met up to shoot the music video for PAIN, a track of the album. The next evening around 5:00pm, the PAIN music video was released on Impak’s youtube channel.

In under 24 hours I managed to film, edit, color grade, and release the music video as a promotional stunt of the album and as a personal challenge. Since this was quite the undertaking, I’m planning to write a full blog on how I pulled off shooting and releasing a music video in 24 hours. Until then, check out the video above.

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