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I’m a film & video colorist with a passion for producing unique and creative looks across a variety of footage. I’m always seeking to hone my craft and be a helpful asset to your post-production process, for everything from music videos to commercials to documentaries.

With a background originally in marketing, I started a production company, Heatseeker Digital, to branch into the world of video production. There, I learned what it takes  to run a set, how to work with talent as a director, and how to deliver stunning images clients look forward to sharing.


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What Is A Film Colorist?

What is a colorist? A colorist is a person who works to sculpt the colors in an image to create an aesthetically pleasing image that adds to the story or message. This includes both color correction, as well as more nuanced look development.

As a professional colorist, my only goal is to craft a more aesthetically pleasing image with the footage in a way that adds to the message of the project without damaging the footage. There are a number of tools that I can use when coloring a project such as adjusting the hue and saturation of certain colors or adjusting the brightness and luminance of an image by manipulating certain controls and tone curves.

Outside of just color and exposure, colorists will work with an image’s texture. The most straightforward application of this is adding grain to an image, but the idea of adding texture of an image can go much deeper. Creating contrast or adding grain in certain areas of an image can add texture to the image and is something any color grading workflow should keep in mind.

To learn more about what a film and video colorist does, continue reading this blog post.


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Understanding Image Contrast in Color Grading

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What Is Color Grading In Film And Video Production?

What Is Color Grading In Film And Video Production?

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