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Industrial designer, photographer, and musician

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Make Dope Shit S1 Ep5 Scarlet Street

“A lot of the magic comes from hand sketching where, because it’s imperfect, you often misread someone else’s sketch. Your brain auto-fills something that they weren’t even thinking. It’s that sort of ambiguity really leads to a lot of interesting different ideas. Someone might be thinking that they sketched something one way, and you interpret it completely differently. Out of that, you get a whole new concept.”

In this episode, I sit down to chat with Ben Hoffman, an industrial designer at Branch Creative. We dig into various aspects of his design process – which he’s applied to everything from printers to humanoid robots. Outside of his design work, Ben also collects a variety of creative hobbies. We get into music, film  photography, and talk about an array of other creative ideas. 

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Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Ben’s role and experiences as an industrial designer, working on diverse projects from home goods to humanoid robots.
  • The specific project involving the design of a humanoid robot aimed at factory work, focusing on making it appear friendly rather than intimidating.
  • The creative process in industrial design, including the stages of image gathering, sketching, and using CAD for design refinement.
  • Discussion about the balance between form and functionality in design, with examples from Ben’s experiences.
  • The dynamics of teamwork in design, particularly the process of converging and diverging ideas within a team setting.
  • Insights into Ben’s personal hobbies, such as photography and music, and how these pursuits intersect with his professional life in design.
  • Ben’s design thesis where he designed multiple film cameras aimed at exploring the unique aspects of film.
  • The exploration of large format photography, its process, and the unique results it yields compared to other formats.
  • Ben’s approach to music, focusing on experimentation and 
  • A broader discussion on the nature of creativity, including the concept of recontextualization in art and design.

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