Music Video Color Grading

Enhance Your Music Video’s Creative Color Palette

A well-developed look can elevate your music video and amplify your creative vision. It’s about crafting a look that enhances every frame of your music video. By working with a skilled colorist you can create a distinctive and bold look that significantly enhances your production. 

Still from scarlet street music video color grade

Music Video Color Grading Services: Start To Finish

Every music video color grading project undergoes three key steps: Look Development, Color Grading and Correction, and Delivery. Each step is crucial in ensuring your music video stands out and catches your viewer’s eye.

Still from MM&CD Music Video

Look Development

The look development process in music video color grading is the key to achieving a eye-catching music video. Collaborating with a music video colorist allows you to craft a look that aligns with your video’s message, theme, and creative vision. This process not only elevates the overall creative production value of the video but also improves its emotional impact and visual aesthetics. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of color schemes, we ensure the final look breathes life into your music video, captivating your audience every time they hit the play button.

Still from Impak's EAZE music video

Color Correction & Grading

Color correcting and grading go beyond just adjusting hues and brightness. It’s about applying your unique vision consistently across your video footage. This step is key to in maximizing your footage, infusing it with your distinct aesthetic, and ensuring color balance in every shot for uniformity. Think of it as the final touch, a polish that ensures each frame not only looks its best but also harmoniously aligns with your creative vision.

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Delivery For Any Format

In the world of video editing, ensuring the right color management is key to properly handling your footage. Regardless of the camera footage we’re working with, our technical expertise ensures proper conformity and export of your music video to the desired color space. While platforms like YouTube with its Rec709 color space are popular, our services are flexible to deliver your music video tailored to any viewing color space or video quality you need.


Featured Music Video Color Grading Credits

Our portfolio boasts a diverse range of projects, each reflecting our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to different styles and genres. Regardless of what genre and style of video you’re shooting, we can help achieve the color grade you need.

Still from Impak's EAZE music video

Impak | Eaze

Still from Scarlet Street's Dealey Plaza Music Video

Scarlet Street | Dealey Plaza

Daniel of Old Pictures New Pictures

Old Pictures / New Pictures at Rhine Records

Start Coloring Your Next Project

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View All Music Video Color Grading Credits

Dealey Plaza by Scarlet Street | Music Video

Dealey Plaza by Scarlet Street | Music Video

Dealey Plaza by Scarlet Street | Music and Lyric Video Video Colorist, Full Video Production Talent: Scarlet StreetVideo Production: Heatseeker DigitalMusic Production: Gary CioniAudio Mastering: Mike KalajianStill Photography: Holden MathisColor: Riley KrutzaBehind...

Phantom | Hands Inside | Music Video

Phantom | Hands Inside | Music Video

Hands Inside (Mr. Hyde) | Phantom | Music Video Video Colorist, Full Video Production Talent: PhantomVideo Production: Heatseeker DigitalRecord Label: D.Y.D. Do Your Dance PublishingStill Photography: Holden MathisColor: Riley KrutzaShooting Hands Inside (Mr. Hyde)...

PAIN | Impak | Music Video

PAIN | Impak | Music Video

PAIN | Impak | Shooting A Music Video in 24h Video Colorist, Full Video Production Talent: ImpakVideo Production: Heatseeker DigitalMusic Production: JugColor: Riley KrutzaBehind The ScenesHow To Shoot and Release a Music Video in 24 Hours On June Friday 25th, Impak...

Old Pictures New Pictures | Rhine Records Studio Session

Old Pictures New Pictures | Rhine Records Studio Session

Old Pictures New Pictures | Rhine Records Studio Session | Live Music Video Colorist, Full Video Production Talent: Old Pictures / New PicturesAudio Recording and Production: Rhine RecordsStudio Mix / Master Engineer, Producer: Adam ClarkTracking Engineer: Sam...

EAZE | Impak Feat. Chris King

EAZE | Impak Feat. Chris King

EAZE, Impak ft. Chris King | Music Video Video Colorist, Full Video Production Talent: Impak, Chris KingMusic Production: JugVideo Production: Heatseeker DigitalStill Photography: Holden MathisColor: Riley KrutzaBehind The Scenes and Social Media Content Still...

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About RK Color

With a background in shooting many music videos ourselves, we understand your needs as a music video director, producer, or video editor. RK Color is dedicated to crafting the perfect visuals to help elevate your footage and make your video stand out. Our goal in music video color grading is to ensure that every frame of your video looks as good as it possibly can, maximizing the new look we’ve created for your video.

At RK Color, we also understand that in the dynamic world of music videos, timelines can be tight and requirements can evolve. That’s why we’re committed to being flexible partners, ready to adjust to your needs and deliver exceptional results with quick turnaround times. We aim to establish open communication to get the most from your budget and timeline.

Our expertise in music video color grading goes beyond just technical know-how. It’s about understanding the pulse of the project, and the overall creative vision of the video – ultimately ensuring that vision is realized to its fullest potential. With years of experience spanning various genres and styles, we’ve honed our skills to deliver results that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Whether you’re an indie filmmaker with a unique story to tell or a production house with specific requirements, RK Color is equipped to bring your vision to life. Our promise is a collaborative approach, timely deliveries, and a final product that resonates with viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Music Video Color Grading Services

Why is color grading important to a music video?

Color grading as a creative tool is the real trick that a lot of people overlook, but it’s key in making your music video stand out. It’s not just about adjusting the white balance or tweaking the RGB curves a little bit. Color grading delves deep into the message of your video and look, crafting it from the raw data your sensor captured into a unique creative intent and aesthetic. It’s the next step after editing that brings out different colors, enhancing the saturation, luminance, and midtone, ensuring your video resonates with viewers on a full screen, or even on platforms like Instagram. It’s the color wheel magic that transforms your video from a raw clip to a cinematic masterpiece.

What systems and software do you work with?

We use DaVinci Resolve for color grading. However, we understand that many creators use different video tools. Regardless of your video editing software, whether it’s Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or even Final Cut, we can seamlessly extract footage in a lossless format, ensuring it’s primed and ready for color grading. Our workflow is designed to integrate with various platforms, ensuring flexibility and maintaining the highest quality throughout the process.

Can you color my music video like "X" movie / tv show / video?

Absolutely! We believe in crafting a unique look for every video, but we also understand the power of inspiration. If there’s a particular movie, TV show, or other video you like, we can use it as a reference point. Our established process involves taking any reference material you provide, combining it with our in-depth questions about the desired look, and then using that information to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic for your video. The end result is a video that not only draws inspiration from what you love but also stands out as a distinct piece of art in its own right.