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Make Dope Shit S1 Ep5 Scarlet Street

“It’s so much better than just sitting there, looking at your virtual rulebook like, what could I possibly do? You just need to make a decision. It’s the difference of perspectives. And it’s the difference of ‘I’ve been listening to this particular part so many times that almost I can’t hear it a different way.’ And then you bring it to somebody who has not heard your two hours of practicing and struggling and you can get hit with that sudden nugget of knowledge…”

In this episode, I sit down with my friends at Scarlet Street, for the first 2.0 guest episode on the podcast. They’re currently in the process of writing their second album, and we spend time discussing their creative process, collaborative efforts, and the evolution of their music going into this second album. We also get into how they’re using discord of all things to collaborate on this album. It was great to sit back down with the band to catch up, and we covered plenty of interesting ground. 

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Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Scarlet Street’s approach to songwriting and creativity, focusing on emotional expression and authenticity in their music.
  • The use of digital tools, specifically Discord, for collaborative songwriting and file sharing, enabling efficient remote collaboration.
  • Discussion on the evolution of their music style, moving towards a darker, more serious tone in their upcoming album.
  • Insights into band dynamics, emphasizing the importance of maturity, professionalism, and lack of ego in a collaborative environment.
  • The balance between individual creativity and group cohesion in the band, highlighting how each member contributes uniquely while supporting the collective vision.
  • Reflections on learning from past experiences, especially from their first album and tour, to refine their creative and operational processes.
  • The band’s DIY approach, managing all aspects of their work, from music production to promotion, without external management.
  • Future plans for the band, including innovative strategies for album promotion and leveraging their collective experiences to create more mature and impactful music.


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