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Pop Punk Band

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Make Dope Shit S1 Ep5 Scarlet Street

Finding The Right Musical Ingredients

“And you’re gonna hear the same riffs so many times, but it’s all about the time and place. It’s a cliche analogy, but it’s like proper ingredients. Like when you’re at a point in a song and you need a certain feeling, you go to your spice rack and you’re like, all right, what tastes good?” -Luke, Scarlet Street Guitarist

Scarlet Street is an Ohio based pop punk band who at the time of recording, had just released their debut album. We sat down to discuss their recent tour, the process of recording their album, and what their writing process is like. We dig into plenty of details around capturing and using different ideas, and how they work together as a band to create a song.

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Jake, Drummer for scarlet street
Scarlet street
Luke, guitarist from scarlet street

In this episode we discuss:

  • What the process of recording their debut album was like
  • How songs changed and evolved during the recording process
  • How they write new material
  • How they catalog and utilize different musical ideas depending on the process
  • How writing music as a band vs sifting through individual ideas varies 
  • What it was like touring with the album and how tracks changed in a live scenario
  • What type of energy and feeling they’re aiming for in a good track

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