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Musician, Actor, and owner of DYD Publishing

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Make Dope Shit S1 Ep2 Phantom

The Intersection Between Music and Acting

“I was like – music is being an actor. Like you are performing. You are, you know, creating a character. And when I get back to the US I’m gonna find ways to do this.” -Phantom

Phantom is a musician, actor, and owner of DYD publishing. In this episode we discuss his journey through being a musician, how he got into acting on a sitcom in Chile, and what it’s like running a publishing company and collaborating with a variety of artists. His unique approach to running a publishing company and how he approaches his art made for a great conversation.

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Phantom in his home studio
A microphone in Phantom's studio
Phantom of DYD Publishing

In this episode we discuss:

  • His approach to running a record label & publishing company
  • How he works with other artists and encourages collaboration
  • His own personal approach to creativity, capturing ideas, and his creative work schedule
  • His three ‘muses’ he looks to for inspiration when creating music
  • How he got into acting on a sitcom in Chile
  • His approach to acting, getting into a character, and making it his own
  • Cross-overs between acting, music, and other creative ventures
  • Some of his biggest influences in life and his creative ventures

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