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Make Dope Shit S1 Ep3 Impak

Creating Music And Collaborating For Growth

“You can’t get too picky. There’s moderation with everything. If you get too picky, you’re just gonna make the song worse. Sometimes you just have go with the first take that you did and it was the best one because you were in that moment.” -Impak

Impak is a musician based out of Cincinnati Ohio. In this episode we discuss his approach to music, his thoughts on the value of collaborating with other musicians, and his approach to refining his own skills and craft as an artist.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • His approach to writing music 
  • How he feels collaborating with other artists has helped him progress
  • How he captures and works out ideas
  • His methods to manage writers block
  • The value of a home studio
  • His mother’s art mediums and their influence on his own creativity
  • How he got into writing music in the first place
  • His history with drawing and how it influenced his transition to music

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