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Music Producer

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Make Dope Shit S1 Ep4 Jug

The Mad Scientist Of Beat Making

“Because. Songs are things that you can feel. You know, you can feel music, you can, it gets into your brain, it makes your spine tingle sometimes.” -Jug

Jug is a Cincinnati based music producer and mad scientist of beats, with a catalog of ~12,000 beats he’s made over the last 15 years. As someone who is obsessed with sound, Jug is aiming to make music and sounds that give a certain energy and feel. We discuss how get got into music, his goals and aspirations as he continues to create, and his approach to working with artists to make new tracks.

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Jug working on a beat.
A microphone in jug's home studio

In this episode we discuss:

  • How he got into making music
  • His work both with hip-hop artists, and in other genres and mediums
  • His influence from playing piano at an early age
  • His approach to crafting a beat from scratch and where to start
  • How he avoids getting in a rut and how he pushes himself to make new sounds
  • Various exercises and experiments he does to try and sharpen or expand his own skillsets

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